Friday, January 28, 2011

One Heck of a Casserole

I am now almost done with the second week of Rebif, wow that’s been a long time. I am getting use to the auto injector (which hides the needle so I don’t faint like a baby) and have been experiencing pretty mild symptoms. I have very little site injection, but am getting the flu-like symptoms after each dose, of being tired, achy, nauseous, and a little cranky. Even as we speak and I took the Rebif 30 minutes ago, I am getting really tired. It’s like I ran for hours in the time it took to inject the needle.

However, so far I am cautiously optimistic about the drug, it has shown great results for MS and also for extending the time between the first flare up and the second. I am hopefully that will be me. All of my research shows that this is the best course of action, although I, for one, am very hopeful for a pill version.

I am also very happy with my new diet of Weight Watchers. Thanks to my mom (hi Mom) I have all the information and have been eating lots of fruit and good food. Tonight I made a heck of a casserole that I would to share because it is so easily gluten free!

One Heck of a Casserole
            ¼ Meat (I used Tuna, 5 servings)
            ½ Vegetables (I used peas and broccoli, stick with the peas)
            ¼ Pasta (I used gluten free Schär, 2 cups dry)
A can or two of creamy soup (I used Progresso Creamy Mushroom and Fat Free Chicken stock but any creamy soup works)
Seasoning (I forgot these… whoops)
Optional: Cheese on top, or breadcrumbs

Combine in a 9x14 casserole dish and put into a 350-degree oven for 30 minutes. Enjoy!

That’s about all for tonight, I am getting pretty tired and achy so good night!

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