Thursday, February 3, 2011

Groundhog seeing its shadow....

Now that the snow is only 2 inches around the doors and windows, I figured it was time to crawl out of my warm bed and start another entry. I have been having the same side effects, the only new thing to report is I am having some slight hair loss, could be due to stress, could be the Rebif. I have started the next level at 22, and so far I can feel it. I am more tired and honestly just want to sleep for the rest of winter (that would take care of me being cold and my tiredness). I have however gotten some great winter pictures (if I am forced to go to class, I may as well have some pictures to prove it).


I have also been eating a lot more fruit, like fruit salads ALL the time. I have found that I feel a lot better after eating fruit, it helps to keep me awake. It does not help with the nausea, but I have Sprite for that. I have also been keeping just at my points total each day, and I have noticed definite weight loss! This has been very exciting, especially since I still bake like I love to do. Speaking of which here is an awesome recipe.

No name, just delicious

This is a mixture of cookie and brownie that forms a cupcake of awesome. To make simply mix together a batch of brownie and cookie dough (here I used Betty Crocker GF mixes)

To make the best brownie and cookie dough, melt the butter and mix (slowly) into the mixture. Than put your dough into the refrigerator overnight (or at least four hours), also at least double the amount of vanilla!

After refrigerating, let the dough come to room temperature and spoon the serving sizes into a cupcake pan. The brownie goes first, than push a ball of cookie dough down into the brownie mix. Simply cook at 350 degree for 10 minutes, than check every 2-3 minutes until the cookie starts (starts, not is) golden brown. (They will cook more after taking them out) There you have a great and only 3 point treat! Enjoy!

Now back to my warm bed!

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